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Enzyme natural health drink

Enzyme natural health drink

Enzyme Natural Health Drink


Japanese safety enzyme natural health drink

The fermented drink LLE 82 - 900ML

The Beverage is made from spirulina, which is also called "complete food", which has supported people who fought since the days of the Inca Empire.


・Using fresh seasonal ingredients mainly in the Setouchi area.

・Synthetic coloring agents, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and white sugar are not used.

・Technology of "plant for fermented foods"

・Strict manufacturing control system

Saccharum officinarum, Cabbage, Concentrated apple juice, Strawberry, Apple, Pineapple juice, Japanese radish, Tomato, Concentrated lemon juice, Yuzu, Apple vinegar, Spirulina dye, Persimmon, Kiwi Fruit, Cucumber, Eggplant, Zinc-containing yeast, Lime juice, Pomegranate juice, Maca extract, Spinach, Japanese mustard spinach, Green pepper, Celery, Bitter gourd, Perilla, Carrot, Prune, Mugwort, Soy, EC-12 Lactic acid bacteria, Oligosaccharide, Grape, Mandarin orange, Peaches, Pumpkin, Litchi, Japan mountain ginseng, Barley Grass, Kale, Brown rice, Kelp, Sweet corn, Jew’s mallow, Kumquat, Rice bran, Shiitake mushroom, Lemon, Cloud ear, Cocoa, Root kelp, Fucus, Seaweed, Blueberries, Mallotus japonicus, Akebi, plantain, Kumazasa, Bayberry, Horsetail, Loquat leaf, Hijiki, Maitake, Pear, Bok choy, Japanese apricot, Turmeric, Lotus root, Iyokan, Vitamin green, Fig, Burdock, Wild grapes, Broccoli, Ginger, Asparagus, Karin, Parsley, Japanese parsley, Raspberry, Japanese hornwort, Myoga,Goumi, Blackberry, Buerger raspberry, Dextrin

Price: $99.80

Ship: Import from Japan, ship from Irvine, CA

Product: LLE 82 

Weight: 900ml